Your Thriving Self The Podcast

Welcome to Your Thriving Self The Podcast. My name is Paola Hernandez, but you can call me (POW). I am a transformational coach and here to guide you on this journey to becoming the version of yourself that is absolutely thriving. This isn't a podcast where you will learn that you are messed up, broken, and need fixing. I'm not going to teach you how to wake up at 4 am and have your sh*t perfectly together, because deep down, we don't even want to be the perfect version of ourselves. I'm here to teach you how to tap into your authentic truth and have the courage to bring the REAL you out into the world. Because when we do this, that's when we become fulfilled with what we do, find our passions, find our people, and manifest a life that is bigger and better than what we dreamed of. Thank you for letting me be your guide, I have so much love for you. ___ Join the thrive community, my online coaching platform: Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on tiktok: