From Depressed to Thriving: My Powerful Transformation Story

Want to become Your Thriving Self? Join the Thrive Community Here In this podcast episode you will hear: How I got diagnosed with depression (or the lack of diagnosis) My first experience with anti-depressants How I think that depression came from my early trauma, toxic relationships, and failure.  Who my thriving self was, and how I was able to visualize a better life/version of myself. Becoming Your Thriving Self isn't about being the perfect version of yourself, but the most authentic version of yourself. My toxic relationships and my personal toxic behavior.  I hope up to you about my abusive relationship (domestic violence warning) How my inability to process my emotions led to depression and disease.  How I overcame depression and became my thriving self. I share things with you that I haven't even shared with a lot of my friends and family. This is a very vulnerable story, but within vulnerability, you will find strength, courage, inspiration, and power. I go deep and will continue to go deep with you in this podcast as I keep sharing parts of my story that perhaps I missed, or want to go deeper on.  In the next episode of this podcast, I will go into more depth about the things that have changed my life for the better and what steps I took to become My Thriving Self.  Become Your Thriving Self With Pao: Book A Free 1:1 Breakthrough Session @itspaohernandez | Tiktok | Community  Listen to the I'm Thrivin' Playlist: Spotify | Apple | Youtube