13 Things That Helped Me Go From Depressed to Thriving

Want to become Your Thriving Self? Join the Thrive Community Here In this podcast episode, you will be walked through the skills and tools I used to help me go from being depressed to thriving. Here's the list: I learned the meaning of self-care. Started to keep small promises to myself which led to self-trust. I accepted myself which led to self-love. I changed my relationship with movement. I started nourishing myself through food and vitamins. I changed what I consumed (music, tv, books) I built self-awareness through meditation and journaling. I discovered my authentic self and passion. I started visualizing my thriving self. I started taking action every single day and learned how to build and break habits. I started asking myself what would my thriving self do. I let go of beliefs, thoughts, people, places, things, and habits that were no longer serving me. I started setting boundaries with myself and others. Become Your Thriving Self With Pao: Book A Free 1:1 Breakthrough Session @itspaohernandez | Tiktok | Community Listen to the I'm Thrivin' Playlist: Spotify | Apple | Youtube Mentioned in the Podcast Today: Atomic Habits by James Clear The Joy of Movement by Kelly McGonigal Vitamin B Vitamin D