Your Couple Tea Podcast

Welcome back to get your favorite cup of tea! We started a podcast and are so excited to share Your Couple Tea with you guys! On the podcast we will be talking about all things couples, crazy stories, and a new perspective on our life!

21:48:04 2022-11-30
Giving you guys our best dating advice and dating stories that go along with some of the scenarios!   Download the MOVE APP:
22:06:43 2022-11-21
In todays episode we react to thee madness that went on this weekend. We talk about fight week, the night of the big fight, and all the stuff in between that you guys didnt see on camera! Move App:
21:57:10 2022-11-19
Girl talk in front of my husband! We talked about it all in the episode and poor Josh had to listen to all the girl talk for an hour! Sign up for the MOVE APP:
21:43:50 2022-11-16
Spilling the tea on what its like marrying a pro fighter and we talk about Joshs upcoming fight!!
21:52:35 2022-11-12
Spilling all the tea on our wedding night! What went wrong, our regrets, throwing up, and much more! 
21:54:47 2022-11-09
We break down our entire fitness app from the beginning and Dive deep into our fitness journeys and why moving is important to us in this episode! Head over to to be apart of the MOVEMENT
21:51:13 2022-11-05
Make sure listen to the whole podcast, we explain our LA experiences from our point of view!
21:56:27 2022-11-02
Looking back on one of the best nights of our lives and going into detail for the first time ever of the proposal and everything that went into it. Buying the ring, hiding it from my wife and the proposal night! Hope you guys enjoy this podcast and be sur...
21:58:29 2022-10-29
In todays episode we dive deep into the HATE COMMENTS wee get on social media platforms. These comments get a little crazy and personally so be ready for your cup of tea!
22:08:24 2022-10-26
This was the number one requested podcast by you guys! How to find the one, being happy single and love at first sit! YOUR CUP OF TEA this week!
22:04:43 2022-10-22
Over the last couple years in the Social Media industry we have meet a bunch of different influencers. Heres how it went..
22:01:29 2022-10-19
We expose ourselves, past relationships, losing our virginity and a lot more on this podcast! We hope you can learn from our mistakes and listening to this can help someone in a tough time get through a break up or being cheated on. We've both been there!...
21:57:01 2022-10-15
Our first ever podcast! If you are not familiar with who we are, Katie and I are on youtube as Jatie Vlogs. We decided to switch things up and try a podcast! In this episode we talk about a secret project we have been working on, what the future podcasts ...