You will die

Unfiltered Podcast intended to question everything, philosophize, and have fun. Remember, You Will Die!

18:30 2022-08-05
I believe you become immortal once you stop identifying with something. Listen to this audio to explore this idea further.
24:56 2022-07-04
I don’t want to avoid anything that I dislike. I want to face it head on, observe myself, and get the most out of the experience. Let me share this idea I recorded with you.
16:06 2022-05-20
Scared of flying? Does your mind always tell you the scariest stories when flying? On this episode, listen to my voice and fasten your seatbelt. Let’s figure out why this happens to you.
35:13 2022-05-06
I want to share with you a lesson of love I learned by building a trusting relationship with a wild monkey that visits me.
10:25 2022-03-23
I can’t help but wonder whether reaching all of our goals truly results in a better life. That’s why I recorded this episode. Take a listen.
10:08 2022-02-17
Always complaining? Looking for someone to blame? Is life unfair? Take a listen.
22:05 2022-02-11
Put on your headphones and take some time off. Your ego is trying to tell you something in this episode.
08:42 2022-02-04
If you find it awkward to talk about money with others, this episode may help you reflect on why you feel that way.
04:39 2022-01-28
Running from the pain caused by someone's departure only results in constant suffering. In this episode I tell you why pain isn't necessarily bad.
18:02 2022-01-24
Do you think all things involving NFT's including their price are absolutely ridiculous? Here I ask you to question what you know about the virtual world.
09:00 2022-01-17
If you must brag in this world of appearances, brag about your authenticity and vulnerability. Listen to why I think this.
03:54 2022-01-07
I believe silence can be used as a form of aggression to hurt others intentionally. Check out why I think this.
29:28 2021-12-31
This episode is a reminder of a heartfelt conversation I had with my friend, Ale, in Miami. Hope you find it useful!
12:35 2021-12-27
It's odd to talk about one's self but here I share a bit about who I am, why I do what I do and what you could apply to your own life. Hope you enjoy.
20:28 2021-12-16
Who am I to tell you how to use your phone? I can only ask you to think how your life could change if you applied some of the ideas I share in this episode.
05:26 2021-12-10
This audio could help you determine whether you're in conflict with yourself or in constant denial of something within you. Take a listen.
25:57 2021-12-03
Maybe after listening to this audio you may dare to walk down the "rough path" and discover a new version of yourself.
07:31 2021-11-25
You believe that everything always goes wrong for you because the whole world is against you? Listen to this episode
06:16 2021-11-18
No matter the situation, when we let fear take the driver seat, ironically, we bring closer the very same thing we're trying to avoid. How can we change this? Let me share with you some insight on this.
13:18 2021-11-16
I believe happiness is overvalued. In this episode I’ll explain why I believe so.
04:42 2021-11-15
So that’s why I believe that it’s important to raise awareness and remember that death is totally loving and it’s always on our side. I’ll tell you more in this episode.
04:13 2021-11-15
When couples grow apart there’s no “faults” or “blames”. Why not take responsibility and face the consequences of our own actions instead? Here’s some food for thought.
05:21 2021-11-15
I believe life’s about trying to resist what your ego wants. I talk more about this idea in this episode.
04:02 2021-11-15
When looking at social media I don’t think that those who follow you are as important as the ones you follow. Many questions came up from this thought. Check out this episode.
15:40 2021-11-15
Do you believe love is a destination that you still “have to” reach? Hit play, close your eyes and observe within yourself: you’ll discover something truly amazing.
12:27 2021-11-15
Do you focus on external events because you’re trying to evade yourself? Do you blame others for what happens in your life? Do you believe your life is horrible? I have something for you in this episode! Check it out! ...
12:06 2021-11-15
I don’t believe in good or bad. I do believe in the consciousness behind the act. This episode is to question and deepen into these social rules that try to tell you how to live! Check it out!
08:41 2021-11-15
I believe that when you miss someone who is not in your life anymore, you are missing yourself, because that person was a reflection of what's best in you. Listen to this episode where I dig deeper into this conversation. ...
07:56 2021-11-15
I don't believe you're afraid of dying, you're scared of your own freedom and of becoming who you really are. Check out this episode to learn why I think this way.
14:45 2021-11-15
I believe becoming a millionaire shouldn't be a goal, but a consequence of some ideas I talk about in this episode. Check it out!
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