What The Prophets Say with Emma Stark

Join Emma Stark and Sam Robertson for authentic, bold truth-telling as they tackle the big issues and share what God is saying today. What the Prophets say! with Emma Stark is a weekly podcast which shares courageous conversations on the voice of God and how we can respond in our own lives.

31:17 2022-08-08
In part two of The successful church vs the victorious Church, Emma and Sam unpack why Jesus is Lord instead of personal Saviour and how revolutionary the Kingdom of God is. From high school Maths classes to redirecting reiki users to Jesus, the Kingdom o...
33:11 2022-08-01
How do you love the Church when you've been hurt by people in it? Join Emma and Sam to understand why it's important to continually love the Church, learn to move past wounding and discover that the power of the Church lies in hearts, not laws.
31:26 2022-08-01
Who wants a new adventure with God! Journey with Emma and Sam as they share childhood stories and how to be radically dependent on Christ in the middle of a war between the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of God. Spoiler - Jesus wins!
33:39 2022-08-01
We are in the days of great deliverance! In war, you need to know your enemy and in this episode, you'll discover the most common demons to get rid of and their characteristics. Join Emma and Sam for bold truth-telling of your calling as a Kingdom liberat...
29:37 2022-08-01
How did Emma help her transgender hairdresser get rid of a poltergeist? In this launch episode, learn why prophesying over yourself is important, what the Billion Soul Harvest prophecy means for you and discover more about the power and freedom found in t...
02:42 2022-07-29
Want bold truth-telling in your life? Looking for authentic, life-transforming conversation? Listen in to get a sneak peek into what to expect from What the Prophets say! With Emma Stark