The Holy Grail of the Food Industry: Lab-Grown Meat

This week, Uma Valeti, the co-founder and CEO of Memphis Meats, joined to discuss his company's work developing "the Holy Grail of the food industry," lab-grown meat from animal cells, and why its attracted the attention of Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Atomic VC and Tyson. Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri sat down with Caroline at Bloomberg's Sooner Than You Think Conference in London to talk about the three-way race for 5G and why Nokia is still winning contracts despite delivery delays. Rett Wallace, CEO of Triton Research, came on to talk about Slack preparing to go public. Then Jeremy Wright, the U.K. secretary of state for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, joined from Sooner Than You Think to discuss why the U.K. is doubling down on its investment in artificial investment.  See for privacy information.

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