Bernie Sanders Wants to Hire You

On What’d You Miss This Week, Joe Weisenthal, Scarlet Fu and Julia Chatterleyspoke with Pavlina Tcherneva, Associate Professor of Economics at Bard College, about the no longer so radical economic idea of a government jobs guarantee program. This is a concept that she has long researched and advocated for and one that Sen. Bernie Sanders recently proposed as a bill. The Vermont Senator's plan would provide a job that pays at least $15 an hour with health care benefits for every American who wants one. Pavlina explained that the program would become a structural reform to the economy as a whole, providing an effective minimum wage.Stephen Noerper, Korea Society Senior Director, also joined to talk through the historic meeting between Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in that was high on symbolism and short on details. Stephen explained how this time contrasted with past inter-Korean summits and what it means that the North Korean leader is trying to cast himself as different from his father and grandfather.Then Saeed Amen, Cuemacro Founder, came on to chat about the quant craze burning through the hedge fund world. Its become more of a buzzword than an actual strategy, but Saeed explained how traditional funds could integrate the approach effectively and why quants are pleading "don't put us in the basement" and "don't lock us in a room."See for privacy information.

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