Are Markets Over-Reacting on Trade?

On What'd You Miss This Week, Joe, Scarlet and Julia got an immigration update with Republican Congressman Jeff Denham of California, about what comes next after multiple bills failed in the House. The Congressman, an almond farmer when he's not on Capitol Hill, also told us how trade tensions were weighing on him and his constituents.  Mauro Leos, Associate Managing Director at Moody's Americas, also joined to recap Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's historic, landslide win to become Mexico's first left-wing president in decades and explain why the energy sector is one area of concern for investors. Then Tom Lee, Managing Partner and the Head of Research at Fundstrat Global Advisors, came on to discuss why he thinks markets have over-reacted to all the trade headlines and offer his take on bitcoin's fall from grace.See for privacy information.

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