RWH011: The Emotionally Intelligent Investor w/ Daniel Goleman

IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL LEARN:03:58 - How a famed Harvard psychologist inspired Daniel Goleman to study high performance.07:00 - How spiritual teachers like Ram Dass and Neem Karoli Baba led him to study meditation.12:35 - What neuroscientists have discovered about the impact of meditation on the brain.20:36 - How self-awareness helps us to manage our emotions and stay “balanced” amid chaos.23:05 - How to become more keenly aware of our fear and anxiety, so we can recover faster.29:21 - Why George Soros paid close attention to how he felt—emotionally and physically.31:47 - Why it’s risky to make big decisions when hungry, angry, lonely, tired, in pain, or stressed.34:50 - How the brain gets “hijacked” by sudden negative emotions—and what to do about it.37:48 - How Warren Buffett and Bill Miller succeed by reacting unemotionally to bad news.41:34 - How we can handle stressful situations by learning to think about them differently. 45:15 - How a simple breathing exercise can help you to calm down and improve your focus.48:52 - Which meditation app Daniel Goleman and William Green both recommend.55:59 - How to deal with a barrage of information and distractions without losing your focus. 1:04:34 - How Daniel deals with difficult emotions by “sitting with them” until they dissipate.1:07:50 - How meditation helps multibillionaire Ray Dalio think clearly and maintain his equanimity.1:09:30 - What Daniel Goleman has learned from his long-time relationship with the Dalai Lama.*Disclaimer: Slight timestamp discrepancies may occur due to podcast platform differences.BOOKS AND RESOURCESDaniel Goleman’s books “Emotional Intelligence,” “Altered Traits,” & “Focus.”Daniel Goleman’s website & his coaching/consulting firm, Goleman Consulting Group.Two classic books by Ram Dass: “Be Here Now” & “Miracle of Love.” The Ten Percent Happier app, featuring classes by Joseph Goldstein & Sharon Salzberg.William Green interviews Ray Dalio in episode 410 of the We Study Billionaires podcast.William Green’s book, “Richer, Wiser, Happier” – read the reviews of this book.William Green’s Twitter.Our tool for picking stock winners and managing our portfolios: TIP Finance Tool.Check out our favorite Apps and Services.New to the show? Check out our We Study Billionaires Starter Packs.Send, spend and receive money around the world easily with Wise.Find people with the right experience and invite them to apply to your job. Try ZipRecruiter for FREE today.Take the next step in your working-life or get ready for a change, by being a Snooze franchise partner. To learn more, head to and scroll down the page for “franchising”.Find Pros & Fair Pricing for Any Home Project for Free with Angi.Support your hardworking team in one intuitive platform by using Gusto, an all-in-one payroll, HR, team management tools and more. Go to for your first three months free.Trade specifically based on your view of concrete events with Kalshi, a trading platform that can be used to counter falling portfolios.Get 50% off Remote’s full suite of global employment solutions for your first employee for three months. Just visit and use promo code WSB.Invest in high quality, cash flowing real estate without all of the hassle with Passive Investing.Confidently take control of your online world without worrying about viruses, phishing attacks, ransomware, hacking attempts, and other cybercrimes with Avast One.Browse through all our episodes (complete with transcripts) here.Support our free podcast by supporting our sponsors.HELP US OUT!What do you love about our podcast? Here’s our guide on how you can leave a rating and review for the show. We always enjoy reading your comments and feedback!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

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