RWH004: Intelligent Investing w/ Jason Zweig

IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL LEARN:00:02:27 - What Jason Zweig learned from his father, the wisest person he’s ever known.00:20:31 - Why investors shouldn’t trust what brokers and financial advisers are selling them.00:36:34 - How success is shaped by weird moments of random chance as well as skill.00:38:54 - What Warren Buffett said when Jason asked him, “Do you think you’re a genius?”00:59:41 - Why Benjamin Graham was obsessed with the overwhelming importance of survival.01:15:13 - Why investors need rules, policies, and procedures to drive their decision-making.01:25:59 - Why investing is, above all, a head game in which the secret of success is self-control.01:28:57 - What Jason learned while working with Nobel Prize-winning genius Daniel Kahneman.01:37:26 - Why investors should be optimistic, humble, and intensely wary of overconfidence.01:43:18 - How Jason thinks about the perils and promise of disruptive technologies like Bitcoin.01:52:49 - How money can (and cannot) buy you happiness.01:57:58 - Why he’s inspired by the simple motto “I did the best I could.”*Disclaimer: Slight timestamp discrepancies may occur due to podcast platform differences.BOOKS AND RESOURCES:Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor, revised and updated by Jason Zweig.Jason Zweig’s book on neuroeconomics, Your Money and Your Brain.Jason Zweig’s satirical survival guide to Wall Street, The Devil’s Financial Dictionary.Jason Zweig’s website.William Green’s book, “Richer, Wiser, Happier” – read the reviews of this bookWilliam Green interviews Joel Greenblatt on RWH003: How to Win The Investing Game.William Green interviews Howard Marks on RWH002: Investing Wisely In An Uncertain World.William Green interviews Tony Robbins on RWH001: The Life Force Revolution.William Green interviews Ray Dalio on WSB410: The Changing World Order.Find Pros & Fair Pricing for Any Home Project for Free with Angi.Invest in the $1.7 trillion art market with Use promo code WSB to skip the waitlist.Confidently take control of your online world without worrying about viruses, phishing attacks, ransomware, hacking attempts, and other cybercrimes with Avast One.If you’re a sales professional, get every real time advantage you can get with Sales Navigator. Enjoy 60 days of free trial today.Find joy in comfort with Faherty. Use promo code WSB to snag 20% off all your new spring staples!Every 28 seconds an entrepreneur makes their first sale on Shopify. Access powerful tools to help you find customers, drive sales, and manage your day-to-day. Start a FREE fourteen-day trial right now!Get access to some of the most sought-after real estate in the U.S. with Crowdstreet.Canada’s #1 employee benefits plan for small businesses! The Chambers Plan evolves with the way you work and live while keeping the rates stable. Opt for the simple, stable, and smart choice for your business.Take advantage of a free mortgage review and learn about custom loans that can save you big money with American Financing.The interval fund, a breakthrough innovation. Only at Mackenzie.Get the most from your bitcoin while holding your own keys with Unchained Capital. Begin the concierge onboarding process on their site. At the checkout, get $50 off with the promo code FUNDAMENTALS.Live local in Melbourne and enjoy $0 Stamp Duty*!Balancing opportunity and risk? The golden answer can be literally gold! Start your investment journey today with Perth Mint.Gain the skills you need to move your career a level up when you enroll in a Swinburne Online Business Degree. Search Swinburne Online today.Design is already in your hands with Canva. Start designing for free today.HELP US OUT!Help us reach new listeners by leaving us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts! It takes less than 30 seconds, and really helps our show grow, which allows us to bring on even better guests for you all! Thank you – we really appreciate it!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

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