Ching Shih: Pirate Leader

In the early 1800s Ching Shih goes from being a poor girl in the Guangdong province of China, to becoming a high class prostitute to the region’s elite  She then marries an already successful pirate and grows his business three-fold in three years. When he dies in 1807, Ching Shih establishes a strict set of rules and solidifies her power over the Red Flag Fleet. She triples the fleet once more to 1800 ships and 75,000 pirates, battles three countries, and ultimately comes out the biggest winner.“If you rape anyone without permission from your squadron leader, you will be decapitated and disposed of in the ocean. If you loot a town or ship or otherwise harass those who have paid tribute to the fleet, you will be decapitated and disposed of in the ocean.”Contact us: violentfemmearmy@gmail.comWebsite: violentfem.meFollow ViolentFemme on instagram: Rahaleh on instagram: this podcast: