Boudicca: Avenging Queen of Britannia

Boudicca (also known as Boadicea and Boudica) was Queen of the Iceni people on the island of Britannia. The Romans had conquered and occupied much of the island and around 60-61 AD, after her husband’s death, the occupying forces redoubled their savagery against her people. They confiscated Iceni wealth and killed indiscriminately. They flogged Boudicca and raped her daughters in the market square.Boudicca bided her time and galvanized her forces. She also managed to bring together other tribes of Britannia to mount a rebellion against the Roman occupiers. Spurred by revenge she was successful for a while, regaining much of the land the Iceni had lost. Although ultimately defeated, she remains a symbol for British unity to this day because of her bravery. Contact us: violentfemmearmy@gmail.comWebsite: violentfem.meSocial Media: