Uncolonized is a funny and blunt podcast about race, politics, and culture, from a Canadian perspective. Hosted by Comedian Gavin Stephens, and Writer/Musician Daniel Grant, Episodes drop every Monday.

00:44:38 2022-06-13
In our final episode of the season, We talked about the ever-growing corruption in America's police departments, its effect on the Breonna Taylor case, & how HBO's We own this city depicts how inevitable it is in this current system.
00:41:42 2022-06-06
The Ontario provincial results are in, however in this episode (recorded last week) we wanted to go through each parties platforms, because frankly we didn't hear much from any of them.
00:45:35 2022-05-23
This weeks episode we took a look at the tragedy of 10 people being murdered in a Buffalo grocery store, and how the great replacement theory isn't just a fringe talking point for "extremist" white people. On a side note we will be taking next week off, ...
00:49:36 2022-05-16
In this week's episode, Gavin & Daniel took a look at the W. Kamau Bell HBO documentary, We need to talk about Cosby, They also touched on the eventual monoplization of the pot dispensary industry in Ontario, and much more
00:46:08 2022-05-09
So there was another 'Freedom' convoy. This time because of COVID mandates being lifted almost completely, these bikers road for something else. Gavin & Daniel talked about it, and how to Ottawa police, calling someone fascist is now a hate crime. Speaki...
00:41:27 2022-05-02
What is an anti-woke festival? Why is Peter Thiel investing in it? This week on the podcast Gavin & Daniel took a look at the one-time festival, its origins and what a tech billionaire has to do with it. Here's the article from BuzzFeed News https://www.b...
00:44:15 2022-04-25
This week Gavin & Daniel discussed the now-viral video of Christians hijacking a plane full of people to sing they songs. They also talked about oil companies and their appeal to patriotism to push the price gouging at the pumps.
00:42:59 2022-04-11
On this weeks Gavin & Daniel discuss Ryan Coogler racial profiling situation. They also discuss the privilege displayed in the new Batman movie, and the silence on Louie CK's Grammy win
00:49:45 2022-04-04
On this weeks episode Gavin & Daniel had to talk about the slap heard around the world. Gavin hates the Oscars, but even he had to get in on this one.
00:42:54 2022-03-28
On this week's episode, Gavin & Daniel are back. They talk about evolving situation in Ukraine, Canada's current covid measures and the Netflix doc, Bad Vegan.
00:47:55 2022-02-14
This week Gavin & Daniel discussed Joe Rogan's apology for his blatant racism on his podcast. We also dove into what is becoming of the Canadian Conservative party, after the firing of their recent leader, Erin O'Toole.
00:48:39 2022-02-08
This week Gavin & Daniel weighed in on the "Freedom convoy". They had a lot of thoughts. Was this about freedom, and who did a town full of Liberals react to this disruption? This and much more on this week's episode.
00:48:04 2022-01-31
This week we took a look at a letter by Jordan Peterson published in the National Post. In it, our favourite "clean up your room" Dad, blames the ethnics for his decision to quit his position at the University of Toronto.
00:43:24 2022-01-24
On this week's episode, we talked about the controversy surrounding Desmond Cole, Royson James, the Toronto Star and a judge. Royson claims Desmond's activism has made them outsider amongst many in the black community. Do Royson's allegations have weight...
00:47:03 2022-01-17
This week Gavin & Daniel discussed Quebec's recent proposal to tax unvaccinated people, and whether or not the government has gone too far. They also talked about Nicholas Campbell (CBC, The Coroner) and his use of the hard 'R'
00:47:55 2022-01-10
This week Daniel and Gavin discussed a recent interview with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, where he expressed his concern towards the 'lefts casual cynicism. Despite having the right physically attack him, we wondered why the PM was aiming left, and how ...
00:43:02 2021-12-27
I'll be honest finding out about the Alberta government trying to both sides Nazis in the education curriculum kind of scared me. This week Gavin & Daniel attacked this story and looked at the parallels of the education from right-wing governments in the ...
00:44:47 2021-12-20
This week Gavin & Daniel caught an interview with anti-anti racism linguistic professor John Mcwhorter. Mcwhorter believes anti-racism is a religion, and "wokeness" has gone too far. Gavin & Daniel wondered why this center-right talking point has always b...
00:41:51 2021-12-13
We looked at a recent poll that showed White Conservative Christian Americans feel more oppressed than anyone else. We wanted to take a look at why this is and speculate on how to help these poor unfortunate souls.
00:41:45 2021-12-06
Oh man we are back for another season. Gavin & Daniel are ready for another season of 10 episodes, we hope you are as well. We're kicking off, with our discussion on the Rittenhouse Trail. We had some thoughts.
01:09:02 2021-11-01
This week we talked about a few things. Racist math teachers, and racist CEO's. It's the last episode of the season so we hope you enjoy it.
01:10:48 2021-10-25
This week on the podcast we had a conversation potpourri we talked about Texas and their CRT problem, Kyrie Irving and his vaccine problem and so much more. It was an interesting time had by Daniel and Gavin. Enjoy.
01:10:11 2021-10-18
We took at the new Dave Chappelle special, for the last time? Dave has come under fire for his trans views, and we feel it's all part of the plot.
01:00:15 2021-10-11
This week Gavin & Daniel discussed what's been going on with the recent Haitian migrants and the Texas white supremacist border patrol. We also didn't want to leave Canada out of this episode so we got into the controversy at Western University where 30 w...
01:03:20 2021-10-04
The baby is here, and we're back! Daniel and Gavin are back to finish off season 8 of Uncolonized. We kick off the post-break with a post-election breakdown.
01:09:04 2021-08-30
This week's episode see's Gavin & Daniel reviewing the 1993 Micheal Douglas film, Falling Down. We were surprised with this one to be honest. Hope you enjoy it. Wikipedia: Falling Down is a 1993 American action film[3] directed by Joel Schumacher, written...
01:07:54 2021-08-23
This week we discussed Adolph Reed Jr.'s work on race reductionism and an article written in Current Affairs by Bertrand Cooper. In it, Bertrand proposes that the current push for diversity in Hollywood is partially motivated by the slayings of Geroge Flo...
01:03:01 2021-08-16
Rich white men are going to space off the backs of the working class, and we're here to take a look at all the nonsense. This week Gavin and Daniel talk about the new frontier and how it's only for the 1% and the problems the rest of us face right here on...
01:03:50 2021-08-09
In this week's episode, Gavin and Daniel discuss the concept of letting go and allowing people to tell you who they are...and believing them. They get into personal stories of growth, acceptance, and allowing people to own their own choices.
01:04:30 2021-08-02
We're back! Starting out season 8 of Uncolonized Gavin & Daniel talked about all the events they missed, including Cosby being released from prison, and Simone Biles break from the summer Olympics.
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