Twits and Crits: The League of Extraordinary Jiremen

After saving Gael from an other worldly menace, the heroic mercenaries of Twits & Crits went from ill-repute to the stuff of legend.Now, five years have passed and this group of unlikely allies has disbanded, scattering to different corners of the realm. But when a distressed young Elfling calls upon the noble Myriadus O'Probbles to help her father, Myri must reunite The Twits and convince them to take on a new mission. Little does he know that there are darker deeds afoot, and a journey to "Castle Darkhaven" could spell a monstrous end for all... Watch the video version on

01:03:37 2018-01-18
"The bulge is her best friend."
01:00:30 2018-01-04
"Yeah... there was a lot of squirting."
00:59:09 2017-12-21
"The penultimate showdown!
01:00:43 2017-12-07
"Did we pee on you?"
01:00:52 2017-11-23
"The only thing that's gonna stop Shattercock's bleeding is a suckle."
01:07:54 2017-11-09
"Is this an episode of Blue's Clues?"
01:18:56 2017-10-26
Mercifully free of "deaf voice".
01:05:35 2017-10-12
The classiest D&D adventure of all time continues.
01:12:55 2017-09-28
The genesis at the start of a new beginning's dawn.