Reality Romance: Love Is Blind Season 2 Finale (Pt. 2)

Devin reviews Deep Water, the vehicle that gave us the Affleck/de Armas fling that got us through some tough times. Then, Devin and Carolina commence their final (for real this time) discussion of Love is Blind Season 2! They cover the bachelor and bachelorette parties, the quandary of what men do for fun, how anyone could “trust the process” of the pods, the roller coaster of Danielle’s self-sabotaging behavior, the weddings, and THAT ICONIC MOMENT WHERE DEEPTI LEAVES SHAKE! Finally, they touch on the reunion and Shake’s attempts to be the Spencer Pratt of this universe, Kyle’s new piercings, and why Vanessa Lachey needs some Andy Cohen lessons. See for privacy information.

by True Romance with Carolina Barlow and Devin Leary