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Join Paris Hilton each week as she speaks candidly with her friends and family, the hottest in movies, music, and television, innovators, creators, newsmakers, and icons. Paris will sit down for edgy, in depth conversations with a multitude of unexpected guests. She will interview people in a way that only Paris can. Questions and topics that are surprising and unanticipated. Honest, fun, open, inspiring and unpredictable. Loves it.  Paris Hilton is an influencer, DJ, designer, recording artist, philanthropist, host, actress, model and author. Now, you can get closer and more personal than ever with Paris each week. This is Paris.

00:38:43 2022-05-23
Paris is joined by Tinx to talk about dating, dating in LA, the rules of dating, Tinx’s box theory and why you need to have a funeral for your ex?!! See for privacy information.
00:33:18 2022-05-14
It’s late at night in Washington DC… Paris has just returned to her hotel room and is sharing every emotional detail with you. See for privacy information.
00:25:23 2022-05-11
Paris and Hunter are joined by Dr. Hillary Goldsher taking your calls and answering questions about health, wellness, anxiety, therapy and having babies. See for privacy information.
00:06:49 2022-05-08
Happy Mother's Day Kathy Hilton Paris takes us inside the Hilton Family Mother's Day Traditions and Gift Giving. See for privacy information.
00:14:39 2022-05-05
What is The Met Gala and who won the night? See for privacy information.
00:45:26 2022-05-02
Paris is going one on one with clairvoyant medium Tyler Henry.  Is Paris ready for what Tyler is about to tell her??!!  Is Paris a believer?!  ....we'll see.  Tyler reveals his most profound celebrity reading.  Plus, who knew Tyler was a fan of The ...
00:28:12 2022-04-28
Paris gets Deep...with Deepak Chopra.   We are thrilled that Guest co-host Lukas Gage is back.   Find out why we all need to disconnect, seek opportunity, and get addicted to happiness. See for privacy information.
00:48:17 2022-04-25
Special Guest co-host Lukas Gage joins Paris as they laugh, fangirl, and bond with Iris Apatow. They are covering everything from College Life to The Real Housewives, Euphoria, The Cat Daddy  and everything in between. Iris reveals what it's like to wo...
00:24:32 2022-04-13
Paris is getting ready for Coachella at the Revolve Social Club.  She's letting you in on the fashion trends and giving you tips to survive and thrive at Coachella.   Paris chats with Bachelor fan favorite Hannah G (Hannah Godwin) about wedding planning...
00:32:54 2022-04-11
Paris is letting you inside Paris' World by prepping you for Coachella 2022.Not only is Coachella back (finally) but Neon Carnival Returns!Paris and her friend Brent Bolthouse (Neon Carnival Founder) take you inside the party and behind the scenes of the ...
00:30:09 2022-04-07
If you're asking yourself, what is Viome?  Who is Naveen Jain? You need to listen.  You'll understand gut health.  You'll understand why the food you eat is of the utmost importance.  All of this could save your life. Paris is here with Wellness W...
00:09:56 2022-04-06
What happens in Vegas doesnt stay in Vegas. Paris is telling all about her wild weekend in Vegas with Carter, Olivia Rodrigo and Lady Gaga. See for privacy information.
00:41:07 2022-04-04
Nikki and Brie Bella join Paris. They are jumping into the ring and talking sister rivalries, Nikki’s fiancé teaching Paris how to dance, having babies and being ballers in business!! See for privacy information.
00:19:19 2022-03-28
Have you ever wondered what 24 hours is like for Paris Hilton? We’ve wondered... and we’ve got every detail for you! Hunter wants to know everything from the moment she wakes up till she lays her head down at Slivington Manor. You will love what hap...
00:41:26 2022-03-24
It’s Wellness Wednesday! Do you want to live longer? Who doesn’t! Dan Buettner is a longevity expert and he’s helping us live longer and better! See for privacy information.
00:52:52 2022-03-21
From housewife to heroine! Cynthia Bailey and Paris bond over their mutual shared experiences. Tears are shed through this powerful conversation. See for privacy information.
00:09:01 2022-03-19
Find out what that means... See for privacy information.
00:35:44 2022-03-17
Paris is sitting down with Clayton (THE BACHELOR) and his girlfriend Susie.  Whoah… this was so wild Paris wanted to get the story straight from them.  He broke up with her, then he ended it with two other girls because he loved Susie the most, then S...
00:31:25 2022-03-16
Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof coffee, joins Paris to talk bio-hacking. Are you asking yourself “What the heck is bio-hacking”?? Listen to find out how to live longer, what you should be eating, sleep practices and so much more! If you like to fe...
00:07:26 2022-03-14
See for privacy information.
00:06:45 2022-03-10
Paris talks to Hunter about understanding inside the mind of a man… Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
00:37:35 2022-03-07
Wedding Crasher!! Paris gets the scoop from Lukas Gage (The White Lotus / Euphoria) about how he ended up on the dance floor at her wedding. Lukas sets the record straight and reveals who he isn’t dating and dishes on his love for Paris. BUTT…. s...
00:06:00 2022-03-05
Extensions, Diamonds and feathers… oh my! Find out the story behind this iconic fashion moment. Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
00:04:35 2022-03-04
Paris takes her first steps… in a fashion show! Mom and Dad were in the front row and it was at the Hilton, of course! Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
00:04:50 2022-03-03
A List guests only… and a cow. Did you say cow?! We did. Moooooo! Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
00:05:10 2022-02-25
You’ve heard the rumors… Paris reveals all about this magical scarf. Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
00:05:36 2022-02-24
“Take a bite of that burger!” Paris reveals all from her iconic Carls Jr commercial shoot. Eating bite, after bite, after bite, after bite… BEYOND! Learn more about your ad-choices at See
00:05:06 2022-02-23
Talk about a celebrity run-in! Paris reveals the incident from her vacation that almost landed her in the hospital. Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
00:04:41 2022-02-19
This isn’t about Paris’ wedding… it’s about JLO! Paris went to see Marry Me and she’s giving you her review. Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
00:07:16 2022-02-18
Paris is taking you along with her. Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
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