#7 – Tom Davidoff – Socialism For The Rich

I’m back at UBC this week interviewing professor of urban economics at The Sauder School of Business, Tom Davidoff. Tom is often featured in the media with his take on the economics of Vancouver real estate. Tom is one of the more controversial real estate thought leaders in this city, but his policies are scientific and well thought out. His most recent project was The BC Housing Affordability Fund, a proposal to increase property taxes to address housing affordability in Vancouver. We discuss this in more detail in the episode. Tom is wicked smart and this was a fascinating interview. If taxation really jazzes you up, be sure to stay tuned next week for my interview with Jordan Bateman, BC director of the Canadian Tax Payers Federation. You’ll hear Jordan answer Tom’s question from this episode and we break down further how changes in taxation could be the answer to housing affordability in Vancouver. Enjoy! If you have any questions or any quests you would like to see, email as at podcast@keithroy.com. Keith Roy – Personal Real Estate Corporation, RE/MAX Select Realty.

by The UnReal Estate Show