#63 – Leaving Vancouver for…Germany?

Vee arts ein Deutschland! Just in time for Octoberfest, this week we’re talking all things German, from Germany with a guy who lives in Germany. Our guest this week is Allan Attridge, a man I’ve known my entire life. Allan and I grew up together in Richmond, but after falling in love with a German girl, Allan left the city and moved to a small village near Tübingen, Germany (about 30 minutes outside Stuttgart). Allan is a professional photographer and long time podcast host himself (check out The Two Hosers Photo Show). He’s taken nearly ever headshot I’ve ever used as a realtor plus his advice was instrumental in us setting up this show nearly two years ago. In this week’s episode we talk about why he moved to Germany when (if ever) he’s planning to come back to Canada and what his experience with life (and real estate) has been in Deutschland.

by The UnReal Estate Show