#6 – Melissa De Genova – Stop Punishing Home Owners

My friends are leaving Vancouver. Why is that and how can we fix it? This is the main reason I started The Vancouver UnReal Estate Show – to speak with policy makers; discuss options and to figure out a way to get people to stay. Furthermore, as someone who makes a living helping people buy and sell houses, everyone leaving the city is not good for business. In my interview with city councillor Melissa De Genova this week, we discuss one reason people might be leaving - homeowners feel the government is punishing them for owning homes. Sky-high property taxes, garbage that rarely gets picked up, vacancy taxes, foreign owner taxes, Airbnb restrictions, home building restrictions…the list goes on and on. With a provincial election coming up this year and a municipal election scheduled for 2018, tension is high as homeowners wait to see what regulations the government throws at them this year. Our conversation is quite timely following Gregor Robertson’s recent address to the Urban Land Institute regarding affordable housing. He makes some great points in his address regarding housing affordability, though many feel it is too little too late. And as Melissa points out in the interview, there is a complete lack of experience by members of Vancouver city council when it comes to working on housing and real estate matters. This was a really fun and informative interview. Stephanie (my girlfriend and podcast editor) said she was disappointed it was only 30 minutes long and wished we could have talked for another hour. I was surprised when she said I she wanted to hear me talk more, to which she replied that she wanted to hear more of Melissa. With that ringing endorsement, I hope you too enjoy the interview. If you have any questions or any quests you would like to see, email as at podcast@keithroy.com. Keith Roy – Personal Real Estate Corporation, RE/MAX Select Realty.

by The UnReal Estate Show