#42 – UnReal Estate of Toronto

This week I’m in the centre of the universe – Toronto, Canada. My guest is week is local expert and real estate rock star, Tom Storey. If you’re a fan of Keith Roy, you’ll be a fan of Tom Storey. Tom is like the young version of me. We’re stats driven, go-getter, Guelf graduates who are obsessed with real estate. So who better to talk to about the state of the Toronto real estate market than him. In this episode we talk about: What the impacts of the Ontario Fair Housing Plan have been in the GTA Where the best place to invest is in Toronto What’s next for the GTA in 2018 Where you can find more info (IE. The Storey Report) Our Christmas Special/year in review episode will be out on December 17th. Our guest is friend of the show, Chris Thompson. So stay tuned! - Keith Roy

by The UnReal Estate Show