#20 – UnReal Estate of Chile

From 66° N IN ICELAND to 36° S, our international series of The Vancouver UnReal Estate Show continues this week in Santiago, Chile. I’m here for the RE/MAX of Chile convention and sitting down with Gustavo Caricote, director of global development for RE/MAX International, specializing in real estate in Latin America and the Caribbean.  We’re answering the question… What’s the real estate industry like in South America? Based on the conversations I’ve had with some agents, it seems like the wild-west down here, with no real estate licensing and virtually no industry regulation. I’ve been describing Chile as “the Canada of South America.” The people here are friendly and the RE/MAX agents are eager to learn, but their system of real estate is years behind our system at home. Hope you found this interview as interesting to listen to as I did to record it. Enjoy. *** - Photos from Chile *** I’m back from my travels now and will continue the show in Vancouver next week. What other global real estate markets would you like to learn more about? Or are there any other real estate related questions you’d like answered? Let us know by emailing podcast@keithroy.com

by The UnReal Estate Show