#19 – UnReal Estate of Iceland (Conclusion)

This month, The Vancouver UnReal Estate Show is on the road, speaking with agents and brokers from all over the world. We’ll talk about what is unique about their marketplaces and what lessons Vancouver can learn from them. Last week, we heard from my good friends Binni and Sylvia who a real estate brokerage in Reykjavik called Fasteignasala Reykjavikur, also known as Real Estate of Reykjavik. In this episode we hear from Binni and Sylvia’s business partner Björn Sigurðsson, who goes by the name Bussy. We’ll review some of the things we talked about in the previous episode and get into a bit more detail about building and the unique challenge of mortgaging property in Iceland, a country of roughly 330,000 that still uses its own currency. *** Be sure to tune in next week for UnReal Estate of Chile where I travel from 66° N to 36° S, all the way to Santiago, Chile. I’ll be featuring agents and brokers on the podcast to discuss real estate in Chile, the challenges they face and what Vancouver can learn from them. *** If you have any questions or any guests you would like to see, email us at podcast@keithroy.com. Keith Roy – Personal Real Estate Corporation, RE/MAX Select Realty.

by The UnReal Estate Show