#17 – Richard Robbins Defends Realtors

Realtors get a bad rep. To be fair, some of it probably justified. I've even spoken out about Realtor ethics in the past before and how I believe there should be more barriers to entry. But all that to say, most of us a good people, just trying to eke out a humble living. The average Realtor in Canada sells 5.2 homes a year and makes approx $40,000 BEFORE expenses. Most agents are not high rollers by any means. Here with me this week to talk about his experience in the real estate industry and his perspective on Realtors is my friend, mentor and business coach, Richard Robbins. I've know Rich for the past 11 years and he's helped me through a lot in both my personal and business life. He is co-founder and CEO of Richard Robbins International (RRi for short), a global sales and business coaching organization that has been providing leading-edge sales and business training solutions to real estate agents, mortgage brokers and leaders at all levels since 1998. Rich is an amazing public speaker who has inspired countless agents. He even motivated me to go into public speaking, myself. He talks to Realtors all over the world and has a really in depth understanding of real estate markets and the struggles of Realtors all over the country. Enjoy the episode and as always, let us know if you have any questions or comments. *** If you have any questions or any guests you would like to see, email as at podcast@keithroy.com. Keith Roy – Personal Real Estate Corporation, RE/MAX Select Realty.

by The UnReal Estate Show