#13 – Mukhtar Latif – Housing For Everyone (Part 1)

How can we make housing more affordable for everyone? Not just the really poor or the really rich, but for everyone? Here to propose some solutions and talk about what the city of Vancouver has already done in an attempt to make housing more affordable is Mukhtar Latif. Mukhtar is the former chief housing officer for The City of Vancouver as well as the former CEO of the Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency. Mukhtar has over 30 years of experience working for on the housing file and this conversation was so interesting, that it did go a little longer than some of our others. So we decided to make it a two-part episode, to be a bit more conscious of your time. But, don’t worry the 2nd part is available, RIGHT NOW, so make sure you listen to both parts to hear the full conversation. *** If you have any questions or any guests you would like to see, email as at podcast@keithroy.com. Keith Roy – Personal Real Estate Corporation, RE/MAX Select Realty.

by The UnReal Estate Show