The Umbrella Academy S3E01: “Meet The Family”

The Umbrella Academy is finally back on Netflix, and we're meeting the (new) family on Season 3, Episode 1 "Meet The Family". In a changed timeline, the Umbrellas meet The Sparrow Academy, a much more capable super-team than them. And after getting their butts handed to them, they head over to the strange Hotel Obsidian to recuperate, while deep below their old house a new, potential apocalypse is brewing. SUBSCRIBE TO THE UMBRELLA PODCADEMY ON APPLE, ANDROID, STITCHER, SPOTIFY OR RSS, WITH MORE TO COME. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER, INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK. SUPPORT OUR SHOWS ON PATREON.Support the show: Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

by The Umbrella Podcademy