The Toldinstone Podcast

This podcast complements the toldinstone YouTube channel with interviews of scholars and creators working on the most exciting topics in ancient history.

22:35:43 2022-12-06
Dr. Adrian Goldsworthy and I discuss the incredible careers of Alexander the Great and his father Philip II.
44:16 2022-11-10
Dr. Jerry Toner and I discuss the many shapes of slavery in the Roman world.
47:58 2022-10-26
Dr. Gregory Aldrete and I discuss how Roman orators used rhetorical tricks and hand gestures to win friends and influence people.
51:39 2022-09-22
Gareth Harney (OptimoPrincipi on Twitter) and I discuss why the Romans are so intriguing - and why, in a broader sense, they still matter in the 21st century.
22:02:25 2022-09-09
In this episode, Bret Devereaux (the blogger behind "A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry") discusses the relationships between fantasy and ancient history - and why historical accuracy matters.
42:16 2022-08-24
In this inaugural episode of the Toldinstone Podcast, Professor Bryan Ward-Perkins outlines the archaeological evidence for the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, and explains why the fall of Rome was so catastrophic.