The Sydney Gays

The Sydney Gays Podcast is a passion project by Jay Fisher and Wil Sabin. Two local Sydney Gays, delving into the Sydney LGBT+ community, where nothing is off limits. Join Jay, Wil and their special guests, as they discuss social issues, Mean Gay culture and much more.

14:48 2019-06-06
In this episode Jay and Wil discuss online bullying, trolls and the dark side of the LGBT+ community.
46:57 2019-06-02
In this episode Jay and Wil speak to special guest Rocky Talatonu about growing up in the Samoan Culture, his coming out story, and what the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras means to him. Rocky delves into his experiences as a coloured person in the Sydn...
41:32 2019-05-26
In this episode Jay and Wil address the backlash received online following Episode 1. Special guest Ryan Perryman tells his story of growing up in an Evangelical Christian community. Jay and Wil also delve into their past relationships, how they overcame ...
31:08 2019-05-18
In this first episode you won't believe how Co-Hosts Jay and Wil became friends, find out what keeps them busy 9-5, and they explain why they have taken on the world of Podcasting! Episode 1 also features what it's like being fresh meat in the Sydney gay ...