The Spooked Podcast

This is the podcast where we look into the scariest stories on the web from trending, popular, and the classics! Each story comes with its on poll @therealspooked on twitter!

00:04:15 2017-09-26
Listen to the spooky adventures of two unlikely heroes! Don't forget to follow us on twitter @therealspooked or send us your spooky stories at!
00:03:20 2017-09-25
See what can happen in a Moment! If you have a scary story email us at and don't forget to follow us on twitter @therealspooked!
00:02:23 2017-09-20
Find what happens while you wash your hair
00:03:35 2017-09-19
Find out what happens next to Max as he tries to contact Kathy's parents.
00:03:55 2017-09-14
Listen to what happens when a boy finds a girl he knows in a porno!
00:02:45 2017-09-13
Episode 1: Annoying Neighbor