Why Sustainable Tourism Is Good for Business

Today on the Skift Travel Podcast we feature a session entitled "The Business Advantage of Sustainability" that was recorded live during this year's Skift Sustainable Tourism Summit.  In this session, Skift Senior Hospitality Editor Sean O'Neill spoke with Inge Huijbrechts of Radisson Hotel Group and Michel Gelobter of Cooler about a couple of issues that are very hot right now. A number of decision makers in travel worry about climate change, but it often seems like a tomorrow problem.  Today, many hoteliers have their hands full dealing with the chaotic recovery from the pandemic and some are also worried about recission and other things later this year. But talking with these leaders reveals real business advantages to travel companies if they get ahead of the crowd on lowering carbon emissions. This isn't just happy talk. There is a lot of pragmatic thinking and practical examples for travel decision makers. 

by The Skift Travel Podcast