Oyo and the Future of Hospitality After the Crisis

Oyo has been in the eye of the storm for the last year, for many reasons Skift has covered over time. But with coronavirus shutting down a big part of its business in India, China, and other countries, the acceleration of its troubles have continued. Through it the charismatic founder and CEO Ritesh Agarwal has been front and center in making sure the high-profile company survives this, through instituting various cuts and financing moves. The company now says it has enough money for next three to four years and has no plans to exit any of the 80 markets it is in. In the final episode of the inaugural season of the weekly The Long View livestream, Skift CEO Rafat Ali talks to Agarwal about Oyo’s long-term prospects, how he is thinking of reopening the company, reinvigorating the sales and growth of the company, becoming a long term player in the market now that its honeymoon period in the industry is over, and his views on future of hospitality. For more events like this, visit https://forum.skift.com

by The Skift Travel Podcast