Hotels and the Coronavirus

In this unprecedented downturn in travel as a result of Covid-19, the crisis is impacting every hotel company, from the top chains to small hotel operators. Major declines in occupancy and room rates are a global problem, which has forced many hotels to furlough employees and others to shutter, or convert to quarantine centers and host healthcare staff working round-the-clock. As this uncertainty continues, especially in Europe and North America, the likelihood of a strong rebound of occupancy within two or three months seems ever more distant. Listen as Skift editors and research analysts, along with leaders from across the hospitality sector, discuss how hotels might prepare now for the long recovery ahead. Learn about more events like this at Agenda Asia’s Uneven Normality: Business Travel, Weekend Leisure, and Adaptable Operations Guest: Stefan Leser, CEO LANGHAM HOSPITALITY GROUP Monderator: Matt Parsons, Skift Shifts in Luxury, Wellness, and Guest Experience Guest: Dino Michael, HILTON Monderator: Carolyn Kremins, Skift A Data-Driven Look at Hospitality’s Recovery Guest: Alex Alt, ORACLE HOSPITALITY Moderator: Jeremy Kressmann, Skift X Trust and Reputation in the Post-Coronavirus Age Guest: Adele Gutman Milne, LIBRARY HOTELS COLLECTION Moderator: Cameron Sperance, Skift Safeguarding Hospitality’s Future: From Safety to Operations to Brand Messaging Guests: William “Chip” Rogers, AHLA; Lisa Borromeo Checchio, WYNDHAM HOTELS & RESORTS Moderator: Cameron Sperance, Skift  

by The Skift Travel Podcast