The Seek One Podcast

The official podcast of Seek One. Listen in on our “After the Hunt” breakdowns and everything else Seek One.

22:50:03 2022-11-14
In this episode of the Seek One podcast, Lee and Drew break down the tactics and strategy involved in Lee's October success on two giant bucks. Lee also shares several ridiculous stories on the drama involved in chasing big urban deer.
22:26:24 2022-10-20
While bowhunting early season in North Dakota, the guys have a sketchy run in with a crazy guy. Lee sits down with Bill Thompson, Johnny Stewart, and Thomas Clements to discuss the situation and breakdown this hunt.
23:23:54 2022-10-06
Two years ago, Clark Mason fell from a tree stand while bowhunting, leaving him paralyzed and stranded in the woods for two days! Clark tell's us his story in shocking detail.
22:26:54 2022-08-17
Lee and Drew talk about their recent experience hunting Axis deer on Lanai, and goats and pigs on the Big Island of Hawaii.
23:03:55 2022-08-12
Dr. Steve Ditchkoff is a professor with Auburn University's School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, and he's giving us look from a biologist's perspective on deer behavior and patterns. Bill Thompson of Spartan Forge joins us to talk about how he uses D...
22:23:09 2022-04-04
In this episode of The Seek One Podcast, we talk with Steve Wisdom of Titan Bass about growing a whole generation of world record largemouth bass, and our experience fishing the lake where they are being grown. We also talk about our turkey season thus fa...
22:11:47 2022-03-08
In this podcast, Lee, Drew, and Kendall talk about their 2022 - 2023 hunt plans and the search for an urban mega giant. We already found one!
45:35 2021-12-22
In the first "After The Hunt" episode, Lee and Drew talk about the hunt for Lee's drop tine buck from Tennessee and the lessons learned from that hunt. 
23:30:54 2021-12-18
In this episode of The Seek One Podcast, with the help of the Elon Musker of deer, Bill Thompson, we solve many of the worlds most inextricable issues. Like what is the best gun in 007 Goldeneye? Are aliens real? Could you beat a 3'3" Connor Mcgregor in a...
22:40:46 2021-12-02
Lee and Drew take a stab at hosting their first podcast. This will be a place where we recap hunts and discuss in detail the aspects of our hunts that didn't make the Youtube episode. However, this first episode Lee and Drew talk about a variety of things...