The Rooftop Pod

Come hang out with the Zhan family big kids and occasional special guests! We chat about anything related to family, culture, relationships, school, and lifestyle. Curating good vibes for your daily listening needs✌️

21:41:48 2023-01-24
this episode is all about reconciliation and strengthening our sibling bond :D Enjoy! Socials:   Rooftop Pod TikTok: Jesse's TikTok: Andrew's TikTok: Jes...
21:38:04 2023-01-18
Come and partake in a stimulating and elevated discourse with us as we delve into our beloved delicacies. Socials: Rooftop Pod TikTok: Jesse's TikTok: Andrew's TikTok:
21:47:24 2023-01-10
in this episode we touch on asian beauty standards and talk about our  biggest insecurities Socials: Rooftop Pod TikTok: Jesse's TikTok: Andrew's TikTok:
21:47:48 2023-01-04
In this episode of the rooftoppod we talk about how we don't always see eye to eye with our parents and how we approach reconciling these differences.  Socials: Rooftop Pod TikTok: Jesse's TikTok:
21:38:18 2022-12-27
WE GOT NEW MICS. Hope ya'll enjoy this silly episode we recorded while on a family vacation in colorado. In this episode we talk about dating etiquette, why being a jack of all trades is superior, aaand rachel gets to rate our hinge profiles lol. Hope ya'...
22:02:51 2022-12-21
join us for a rooftop conversation about our journey with religion and how it affects our lives now Socials: Rooftop Pod TikTok: Jesse's TikTok: Andrew's TikTok:
21:43:31 2022-12-13
Our mom’s perspective was largely absent from the narrative of our parent’s immigration. Although I had heard bits and pieces of my mom's story growing up, it wasn’t until mother’s day of 2020 that I realized the full extent of our mom’s sacrifi...
21:54:42 2022-12-07
Join the big kids in the big apple on a special podcast with special guests: Nick and Luanna! On this episode we chop it up about dating in college, hedging relationships, handling breakups, red flags, and sex ed for kids. Hope ya'll enjoy this episode as...
21:57:16 2022-11-29
One of my favorite episodes yet :D Hop on the roof with us and enjoy a conversation about how our sibling relationships have changed over the years (from bullying each other to becoming besties), why Rachel owes her brothers half a billion dollars, strugg...
21:55:51 2022-11-22
Welcome to the second episode of the rooftop pod! Slight change in scenery as we self rank ourselves as siblings, reminisce about ass beatings, and our dad's ridiculous childhood stories Socials: Rooftop Pod TikTok: Jess...
21:25:34 2022-11-15
Welcome to the first episode of the rooftop pod! Join us for a convo about our sister Rachel's dating life (or lack thereof lol), why our grandma is threatening us to have kids, and our growing up in an immigrant family without traditions. Apologies in ad...