REJECT RECAP: Moon Knight Ep 5 "Asylum" REVIEW & Credits Discussion - PODCAST

Heading into the end of the season, Marvel gives us one of their BEST EPISODES TO DATE with Moon Knight Season 1, Episode 5 - aka "Asylum." Greg & John discuss the episode's themes & revelations as the show takes us deep into the troubled minds of Marc Spector and Steven Grant as they attempt to navigate the underworld and find their way back to settle things with Harrow on Earth. But what, if anything, is *really* real? Could this all just be the delusions of a dying man? Dying men? Greg & John (sans our usual guest, Coy Jandreau, who will be back next week for the finale!) share their thoughts on the episode and break down all the latest developments. Watch the Reaction Highlights on YouTube or Stream Along with us at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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