REJECT RECAP: Moon Knight Ep 4 REVIEW & Credits Discussion - PODCAST

The Moon Knight Saga Continues as Greg, John, and Coy sit down to discuss all the latest developments from Episode 4. Chock-full of swashbuckling adventure, "The Tomb" sees Steven and Layla entering just that, as they follow the Eye of Horus to a fascinating revelation regarding Ammit and Alexander the Great. Layla and Marc Spector also have a tense confrontation prompted by the revelation from Harrow that Marc may have been involved in the murder of Layla's father.. and could this all just be taking place in a psychiatric hospital?!? We dive into all the details, easter eggs, and theories for what's to come in Moon Knight episode 5 & beyond! Watch the Reaction Highlights on YouTube or Stream Along with us at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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