COY'S COMIC CORNER: Joker 2 To Star Lady Gaga As HARLEY QUINN & It'll Be A MUSICAL?!

MAJOR DCEU NEWS! Can't wait for the Joker 2 Trailer as reportedly, Joker Folie á Deux will feature Lady Gaga (A Star is Born) as Harley Quinn (aka Harleen Quinzel) alongside Joaquin Phoenix's Arthur Fleck. Not only that, but it could be a musical?! In this episode of Coy's Comic Corner, Coy Jandreau gives his breakdown, theories on what the plot might be, the Willem Dafoe Joker possibility, the larger part of the DCEU involving Margot Robbie, the HBO Max series, The Batman tie-ins, & more! Plus some juicy Reading Recommendations!! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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