#241 Fight The Bubble

After a long weekend Nikki and Andrew share their activities. Nikki did too much but that did not include jumping off a cliff. Andrew binged old movies and went one step too far with something bulky in his pants. Nikki explains a new reason to hate fireworks, doesn't agree with pissing in a pool and doesn't mind a flaccid penis. You Heard It Here First; rudeness on dates, a balance test that tells how long you'll live, Nikki called it, Cameron Diaz "unretires" and Nikki clears the air on a sensational headline that pitted her against Kim Kardashian. Lots of silly Reddit Dumps including this great joke by comedian Austin Lonnenberg. In the Final Thought Nikki tells a story from her 4th of July about an outburst she had at a restaurant.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

by The Nikki Glaser Podcast