#206 Nikki Glaser Day

Nikki and Andrew discuss how things get "lost in textlation". They recall a funny meet up with a Bestie and remember the last time they laughed to themselves. Nikki is gearing up to throw the first pitch at a Cardinals game when St. Louis will celebrate Nikki Glaser Day on April 28th. She will get the key to the city which she hopes will open up all the janitor closets. They talk about tips to throwing the perfect pitch and Sean Murphy's butt. You Heard It Here First: kindergartners accidentally drink tequila, science projects, penis sizes around the world, and Nikki is caring less and less about Taylor Swift headlines.They Finish each other's sentence about bad habits they'd love to let go of. In the Final Thought they have the perfect tagline to Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? Which premieres on E! on May 1st. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

by The Nikki Glaser Podcast