Episode 204: [Insert Inscrutable Title Here]

Hello from Austin! We're back with a new episode!  Tune in as your co-hosts Professor Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney discuss and debate: SCOTUS narrows the scope of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in Van Buren SCOTUS grants cert. in Fazaga, adding to the sense that the October '21 Term will be unprecedented for its engagement with state secrets privilege and FISA issues The Biden Administration withdraws IEEPA sanctions against TikTok and WeChat...for now, at least! GTMO closure trial-balloon?  About that NBC News story that mentions a possible desire to put the long-term military detainees in a Supermax prison rather than a military facility Over-the-horizon uses of force in Afghanistan post-withdrawal: so, will that be subject to the PPG as a use of force outside a zone of active hostilities? Leak-hunt subpoenas: we've got subpoenas concerning the communications of journalists...and Members of Congress...and the White House Counsel. Where are the legal and policy redlines in such cases? Mike Flynn, Larabee, and the idea of recalling separated servicemembers in order to subject them to court-martial proceedings (based on post-separation conduct) Also, did we mention the Mets are in first place?  Join the MLB-themed frivolity as we ramble about teams and players doing surprisingly well and surprisingly not-so-well!

by The National Security Law Podcast