Episode 199: Why Is There No SJA Aboard the Starship Enterprise?

In this week's episode, co-hosts Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney discuss and debate: The proposed Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act (and DOJ's January 2021 response to an earlier version of the DTPA) A pair of recent federal prosecutions involving attempt/conspiracy to provide material support to the Islamic State--and corresponding lessons about the way in which terrorism cases are developed using cooperating witnesses and undercover officers. The DC Circuit's ruling in the al-Tamir (was al-Hadi) military commission case (rejecting the defendant's arguments about the adequacy of the government's proposed remedy for a situation in which the presiding military judge had made rulings while seeking employment elsewhere in the government). We have a National Cyber Director nominee at last, and it's a good one. SCOTUS and the Shadow Docket: insights from the Tandon ruling. All that, plus the usual frivolity!

by The National Security Law Podcast