Episode 187: Trumplandia in the Twilight

Hey, we're back on our weekly schedule!  How 'bout that...now we'll probably skip the next three, but hey, until then, we've got a quite a show, not to mention the launch of our holiday charity drive! What's that all about?  Well, it's simple: give $5 or more to Casa Marianella, forward the emailed receipt that you get from them to ThisIsTheWay@strausscenter.org (.org, not .com!), and you will be entered in a drawing.  What drawing?  Well, after January 15, we'll pick one of the entries at random, and that person will be invited to join us (date to be determined jointly) to CO-HOST an episode with us!  Do it!  Do it!  C'mon, do it! What's that?  Oh, right.  This week's show actually talks about: Barr out, Rosen in The demise of the Ken Paxton (well, "Texas") election suit Electors doing their jobs, electors doing...something else The "Safe Harbor" rule and justiciability of electoral slate challenges The SolarWinds cybersecurity mess TikTok v. Trump: The DC Circuit seems poised to accept TikTok's IEEPA interpretation argument The roadmap to closing GTMO under the Biden administration (well, we are speculating, but still...) Did you know the Periodic Review Board authorized a GTMO transfer the other day?  That's 6 approved for transfer, out of 40 remaining overall. Another trial judge for the 9/11 case...or one of the old ones is back.? DOD ending support for CIA Title 50 operations? The NDAA: veto or not? If not, then here's what Section 1702 does for Congressional oversight of "sensitive military cyber operations" The Supreme Court's Briggs decision: bad news for a certain podcast co-host Is it just me, or is this least really long? Frivolity: The Mandalorian of course.  Or is it the Manladorian? (Google it)

by The National Security Law Podcast