Episode 169: Now We’re a Third Amendment Podcast

After an extra-long break, we are back...and swamped!  Tune in for debate and discussion of, among other things: The National Guard deployments to Washington, DC, including questions of status, command, and authority The special circumstances of the DC National Guard (and, relatedly, the issue of DC statehood) The Third Amendment, hotels, and originalism??? Civ-Mil relations and the weird weeks for General Milley and Secretary Esper The Tom Cotton Op-Ed and the NY Times' response to the fallout from it The NDAA and proposals to mandate renaming of US military bases named for Confederate Generals GTMO, military commissions, the Majid Khan ruling (to the effect that torture can be cited as grounds for mitigation at sentencing), and implications for the 9/11 prosecution and capital punishment President Trump's Executive Order declaring a national emergency vis-a-vis the prospect of ICC action against U.S. personnel, and the corresponding creation of a sanctions regime against not just ICC personnel involved in such actions but also against those who materially support them. And a surprisingly belated-yet-timely review of HBO's Watchmen series.  Seriously, if you haven't watched it yet, get started!

by The National Security Law Podcast