Episode 160: This Podcast Is Invoking “P”!

This is our second lockdown episode, simulcast as a Zoom-based video!  If you didn't believe us before about our commitment to production authenticity, well you will if you watch the video version! [ed. note: guys, that's not funny, you can't blow off your lack of production values and slapdash approach to all this by claiming it makes you "authentic"!]  You should be able to download it here: https://utexas.app.box.com/v/NSLepisode160 Happily, we are joined this week by Prof. Jen Daskal from American University's Washington College of Law.  Jen is our first two-time guest on the show (our first live event was with her students at American last year)!  Tune in for discussions of: The power of the federal government (or lack thereof) in relation to state public health directives to shelter-in-place or otherwise restricting movement The President's emphatic invocation of "P!" directed at GM today...to which we say, covfefe! What might occur in the weeks ahead in relation to data-gathering in support of public health measures (especially exposure-tracking and quarantine enforcement) The United Kingdom's Supreme Court ruling in "the Beatles" case, refusing to allow the Home Secretary to pass the fruits of a British criminal investigation to the US Justice Department because the United States intends to seek the Death Penalty in that case.  Will we now see a shift to prosecution without the death penalty, or instead ongoing military detention? And if the latter, will it hold up in court? And then there's the frivolity. If you are ready to talk Picard or West World, we are here for you!

by The National Security Law Podcast