Episode 155: This Podcast Is Not Wearing a Facemask (But It Did Wash Its Hands)

This week in the wild world of national security law, your co-hosts Professors Vladeck and Chesney discuss and debate: The prospects for legislative change to FISA (the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act), including notes on a currently-pending bill in the House Trumplandia and the ODNI: The statutory deadline for the Acting ODNI (now Richard Grenell) to continue to perform that function is March 12.  That deadline will be tolled by an actual nomination, but failing a nomination what then? Tune in to find out. Trumplandia and the courts The City of Costa Mesa sues everybody after learning that the CDC might send asymptomatic but covid-19 positive individuals into isolation there. SCOTUS rejects Bivens status in Hernandez, the cross-border shooting case Judge Leon declines to dismiss the Larabee suit (challenging the idea that retired servicemembers remain subject to UCMJ jurisdiction. And then, for frivolity: a review of the new Star Wars ride (Rise of the Resistance) at Disneyland; a review of Come From Away; and a review of the latest episodes of Picard.

by The National Security Law Podcast