Episode 114: Manafortnite

This week's show features debate and discussion between co-hosts Professors Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney regarding: Paul Manafort: comparing his first and second federal sentences, and the timing of the new New York State charges Yemen: Congress considering a bill to compel an end to US support for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, and the President promising a veto The Border Emergency: Congress is poised to pass a bill terminating the asserted national emergency at the border, but that too faces a certain veto The ARTICLE ONE Act: Heaven save us from awkward, forced acronyms.  But perhaps don't save us from useful changes to the National Emergencies Act? The good, bad, and ...incomplete?...about the proposed "ARTICLE ONE Act." The IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act: We've got a brief breakdown of this useful new bill. Transgender Military Service and Judicial Deference: Judges Wilkins and Williams have it out in Jane Doe 2 v. Shanahan. Habeas for Undocumented Persons in Detention? This case looms very large, and involves a circuit split. Once More Unto the Breach...with Larabee II! A Double-Jeopardy Windfall? Double-mishandling of double jeopardy in US v. Rice? Online Material Support to the Islamic State: The arrest of Kim Vo in Georgia. And then, just because these two don't know when to stop, there's the frivolity: musings about US News Rankings, debate over the college admissions bribery scandal, and a surprise appearance by ... Hall and Oates?  You make-a-my dreams come true, dear listeners!

by The National Security Law Podcast