#98 Missouri feat. Greg Warren

What's the state animal for Missouri? How did Missouri get its name? Why is it called the Show Me State? These are just a few of the questions we'll answer this week when we discuss the state with fellow comedian and Missouri native Greg Warren.    Podcast produced by Nate & Laura Bargatze Recording & Editing by Genovations Media https://www.natebargatze.com https://www.allthingscomedy.com https://www.genovationsmedia.com Email - Nateland@NateBargatze.com Upstart – Upstart.com/Nate Don’t wait and check your rate today at UPSTART.com/NATE. That’s UPSTART.com/NATE to check your rate today. Don’t forget to use our URL to let them know we sent you!  1Loan amounts will be determined based on your credit, income, and certain other information provided in your loan application.  Go to UPSTART.com/NATE.   Talkspace – Talkspace.com Consider this your permission slip to put your mental health first. Match with your dedicated therapist today at talkspace.com and use promo code nate during sign-up to get $100 off your first month. That’s $100 off attalkspace.com, promo code nate.   Masterclass – MasterClass.com/Nate ·         We highly recommend you check Masterclass out.  ·         Get unlimited access to EVERY MasterClass,  ·         And as a Nateland listener, you get 15% off an annual membership!  ·         Go to MASTERCLASS.com/NATE now.  ·         That’s MASTERCLASS.com/ NATE for 15% off MasterClass   Policy Genius – Policygenius.com/NATE Head to Policygenius.com/NATEto get your free life insurance quotes and see how much you could save. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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