#80 Baseball, Sonny Gray & Intern Cole

Aaron is in the Covid protocol so this week we have two guests filling in for him. Our intern Cole joins us to help Nate get through the comments and then we're joined by Nate's friend, Major League Baseball player Sonny Gray. Nate and Breakfast ask Sonny the hard hitting questions about baseball that every 12-year-old boy would want to know.    Podcast produced by Nate & Laura Bargatze Recording & Editing by Genovations Media https://www.natebargatze.com https://www.allthingscomedy.com https://www.genovationsmedia.com Email - Nateland@NateBargatze.com #nateland #natebargatze   Athletic Greens - AthleticGreens.com/Nate   Right now, it is time to reclaim your health and arm your immune system with convenient, daily nutrition — especially heading into the flu and cold season!  It is just one scoop in a cup of water every day. That is it! No need for a million different pills and supplements to look out for your health.  To make it easy, Athletic Greens Is going to give you a FREE 1 year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase.  All you have to do is visit ATHLETIC GREENS.com/NATE. Again, that is ATHLETIC GREENS.com/NATE to take ownership over your health and pick up the ultimate daily nutritional insurance!     Keeps - Keeps.com/Nate   IF YOU ARE READY TO TAKE ACTION AND PREVENT HAIR LOSS, GO TO KEEPS.COM/NATE TO RECEIVE YOUR FIRST MONTH OF TREATMENT FOR FREE.  THAT'S KEEPS.COM/NATE TO GET YOUR FIRST MONTH FREE!  KEEPS.COM/NATE.     All Form - Allform.com/Nate To find your perfect sofa or chair, check out ALLFORM.COM/NATE ·  And Allform is offering 20% off all orders for our listeners at ALLFORM.COM/NATE ·  ALLFORM.COM/NATEfor your new favorite sofa. ·  That’s 20% off all orders at ALLFORM.COM/NATE See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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