The Mudds

Edith Mudd lives in Duckpool with Gramps, a smelly dog called Pyla and the heroic Arfur worm. They like to solve problems and go on very silly adventures.Together, they always save the day! A children's series for ages 4-7, starring Bernard Cribbins, Mark Benton, Wayne Forester and Ulani Seaman.

00:09:00 2019-06-09
Duckpool Town Hall clock has lost its 'bong'. “Best Town in Britain” judges are coming to Duckpool so the clock must be working. The only person small enough to fix it is Arfur.See for privacy information....
00:10:00 2019-05-02
Edith and Gramps accept a challenge to spend a night in a haunted Waxwork Museum but Gramps turns out scarier than the waxworks. See for privacy information.
00:08:30 2019-04-01
A famous chef has gone missing. A weird new cook appears at Duckpool school dinner-hall. Could there be a link?See for privacy information.
00:08:00 2018-11-20
Edith has a dream – to win a trip to Egypt in a local museum competition - with the help of Gramps and his great brain.See for privacy information.
00:08:00 2018-09-24
Farmer Hutch’s hens are laying square eggs. They are a Duckpool miracle. But this is bad news for the Worms of Duckpool. Edith needs to investigate.See for privacy information.
00:09:00 2018-09-12
Edith and Gramps set off to rescue Arfur Worm who is about to be used as live bait in a fishing contest.See for privacy information.
00:09:30 2018-07-29
Duckpool Town River has lost its swans. They seem to have been replaced by fabulously rare pink swans. Bird spotters are flocking in. It’s a mystery only Edith can solve.See for privacy information....
00:07:30 2018-07-20
Duckpool Castle is holding a fun battle between two teams dressed as knights – but it spells danger for Arfur when he is loaded into a catapult.See for privacy information.
00:09:30 2018-07-11
Duckpool is in the grip of an alien invasion and it takes Gramps’ model aeroplane, Arfur Worm’s courage and Pyla dog’s smell to solve the mysterySee for privacy information....
00:07:30 2018-06-30
Pyla is entered for the Duckpool Dog Show but it is almost wrecked by a dangerous sausage thief. It's Pyla to the rescue ... or is it?See for privacy information.
00:08:30 2018-06-12
Arfur Worm has a dream – to boldly go where no worm has ever boldly gone before - with the help of a Bonfire-night rocket.See for privacy information.
00:09:00 2018-05-26
Duckpool Ladies' Football team have won the cup and Edith plans a celebration.See for privacy information.
00:09:00 2018-05-22
A Lion is loose in Duckpool and Pyla the dog has gone missing. Has he become a lion’s lunch? Or is there a stranger explanation?See for privacy information.
00:08:30 2018-05-14
Someone is buying all the string in Duckpool and that means Gramps can’t knit a new string vest. It will be a long cold winter if the Mudd family can’t solve the mystery.See for privacy information....
00:08:30 2018-05-07
The Duckpool frogs are in danger. Their old home is drying up. But, when they set off to find a new home they face a greater and more terrifying danger – a Flying Welshman!See for privacy information....
00:08:00 2018-05-07
Gramps and Edith need to bath Pyla but he is resistant to the idea. They decide a trip to the seaside, and a swim, will solve the problem.See for privacy information.
00:09:00 2018-05-05
It is the Annual Duckpool Raft Race and the prize is a year’s supply of horse manure for the garden. Gramps and Arfur want to go for that. But disaster looms as the Mudd raft heads for the waterfall.See for privacy information....
00:09:00 2018-04-29
Arfur Worm joins the Mudds on a visit to the wildlife park and is especially taken with Wellie the Elephant. He decides to liberate some animals and starts with the elephant, which he hides in the garden shed.See for privacy inform...
00:10:00 2018-04-07
Gramps is lost in a maze in a country park and it takes the ingenuity of Arfur Worm to rescue him ... with the help of a windmill.See for privacy information.