The Math Dude Quick and Dirty Tips to Make Math Easier

The Math Dude makes understanding math easier and more fun than you ever thought possible. Host Dr. Jason Marshall provides clear explanations of math terms and principles, and his simple tricks for solving basic algebra problems will have even the most mathphobic looking forward to working out whatever math problem comes their way. If you're getting ready to take the SAT, GRE, or any of the other standardized tests; or if you're going back to school and need to brush up on the basics, Math Dude's Quick and Dirty Tips to Make Math Easier will strengthen your fundamental skills and help you understand the language of math. And if you just want to calculate the tip without using your iPhone and impress all your friends, his tips and tricks are for you too.

21:07:02 2017-02-24
What’s the point of learning math? Why is it so important that kids are exposed to mathematical thinking? And what do parents and teachers need to know about learning real math? Keep on listening to find out! Read the full transcript here:
21:06:58 2017-02-18
Learn how to use absolute values to find distances between numbers and places. Read the full transcript here:
21:07:57 2017-02-10
What does it really mean for a satellite to orbit the Earth? What’s the math behind it? And what’s the math behind the rockets that get those satellites into orbit? Keep on listening to find out! Read the full transcript here: ...
21:06:26 2017-02-03
How many degrees are in the interior angles of a pentagon? Or a hexagon? An octagon? Or any polygon? Keep on listening to The Math Dude to learn how to solve this polygon puzzle! Visit the website:
21:07:09 2017-01-27
How large was the crowd at the recent U.S. presidential inauguration? Or the inauguration 8 years ago? Or at last Saturday’s Women’s March in Washington D.C.? Keep on listening to find out how crowd sizes are estimated. Read the full transcript here: ...
21:06:47 2017-01-20
Would you rather get a 33% bigger coffee for no extra charge or pay 33% less for the regular size? Do you know how to avoid being tricked into buying more than you need? Keep on listening to The Math Dude to learn about the numbers behind savvy shopping. ...
21:06:27 2017-01-13
How can you measure time without using a stopwatch? You could use the movement of the Sun across the sky, you could watch a pendulum swing, or you could burn some very special string. Keep on listening to find out how it works! Read the full transcript he...
21:09:59 2017-01-06
How do you quickly calculate 25% of a number? Or 33% of a number? Or 50%? And how can you quickly calculate percentage increases? Keep on listening to learn the answers to these frequently asked questions about percentages. Read the full transcript here: ...
21:07:32 2016-12-30
Do "word problems" make you cower in fear? Do you ever find yourself stuck on math problems before you even get started? If so, keep on listening because Math Dude's simple 5-step method for solving math problems can help! Read the full transcri...
21:09:39 2016-12-23
How many gifts should one's true love be given on each of the 12 Days of Christmas? If you stick to the recommendations from the classic song, the answer can be calculated using a bit of clever math. Keep on listening to find out how. Read the full transc...
21:05:51 2016-12-16
How long does Santa have to hang out when he's dropping presents off at your house? And how fast do his reindeer fly? Keep on listening to find out about the incredible math behind Santa's magical night! Read the full transcript here:
21:09:45 2016-12-09
Are we alone in the universe? If so, why? If not, where is everybody? Thankfully, math can help us with these astronomically profound questions. Keep on listening to learn all about the probability of extraterrestrial life. Read the full transcript here: ...
21:07:01 2016-12-02
Learn a quick and dirty tip to help you calculate pesky percentages in your head. Read the full transcript here:
21:08:19 2016-11-25
How many turkeys are consumed each year in the U.S. on Thanksgiving? And how many extraterrestrial civilizations might exist in the universe? Umm…wait…what?! Although these seem like unrelated questions, they’re not. As we'll soon find out, they’r...
21:05:54 2016-11-18
Learn what mixed fractions are and find out how they're related to regular fractions.
21:09:02 2016-11-11
The 2016 U.S. presidential election is over. And if you'd been following the polls, the results might have been surprising. What went wrong with those polls? It has to do with statistical and systematic uncertainties. Read the full transcript here: http:/...
21:07:13 2016-11-04
The solar system is big, the distances between stars bigger, and the distance to the center of the galaxy in which we live is even bigger than that. But all of that is tiny compared to the distance to the edge of the known universe! Just how big is that? ...
21:06:58 2016-10-28
Do you have a good feel for the size of the Earth? If you’re like most people, you know that it’s big but you don’t have a sense for exactly how big. Today we’re going to change that! Read the full transcript here:
21:06:38 2016-10-21
How much is a gram? An ounce? Or a ton? If you don't have an intuitive feel for exactly how much mass these quantities represent, keep on listening! Read the full transcript here:
21:08:21 2016-10-14
What causes the Moon to change phases throughout the month? Why is it sometimes visible only during the day and other times only at night? What’s the relationship between these times and the Moon’s phases? The answer in all cases is geometry. Keep on ...
21:06:47 2016-10-07
What do a triangle, a rectangle, and a pentagon all have in common? They’re all polygons. What makes a polygon a polygon? And why do they matter? Keep on listening to find out! Visit the website:
21:08:21 2016-09-30
Richard Wiseman, author of 101 Bets You Will Always Win, joins Math Dude, to talk about how to use probability and mathematics to win bets. Read the full transcript here:
21:06:29 2016-09-23
How good are your eyes at seeing really tiny things that are really far away? How much better is the Hubble Space Telescope at doing the same thing? What do these two questions have to do with the mathematical concept of angular size? Keep on listening to...
21:08:28 2016-09-16
Can you think of a way to measure the size of the Earth? Or the distance to the Sun? Or the nearest star? Want to know how ancient Greek mathematicians did exactly this over 2,000 years ago? Keep on listening to find out! Read the full transcript here: ht...
21:06:30 2016-09-09
What do uniform numbers tell you about NFL players? How can you estimate how fast a wide-receiver is running? Read the full transcript here:
21:07:09 2016-09-02
Do you know what a light year really measures? Do you know why so many people find it confusing? And why they shouldn’t? Keep on listening to find out! Read the full transcript here:
21:06:52 2016-08-26
What are the odds of successfully flying through an astroid field like the one in the movie The Empire Strikes Back? Are they really 3,720 to 1 as suggested by C-3PO? Or are they much worse…or perhaps better? Keep on listening to find out. And May the 4...
21:06:56 2016-08-19
Did you notice all the ties in the swimming events of this year's Olympics? Did you wonder why they didn't (or maybe couldn't) simply use more precise timing to break the ties? Not surprisingly, the answer is math. Keep on listening to find out why! Read ...
21:09:09 2016-08-12
Have you heard of FOIL? Not the aluminum kind, but the one that can help your multiply faster? Keep on listening to The Math Dude to learn more! Read the transcript:
21:08:00 2016-08-05
How fast do Olympic swimmers swim and Olympic sprinters sprint? How do these speeds compare to the speed at which you could race walk to the games? Or fly there in an airplane? Keep on listening to find out! Read the full transcript here:
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